Apartment Update

We moved out of the motorhome in October, a few weeks after the baby was born. The apartment in the shop still needs some trim work completed, but we have a dishwasher, garbage disposal, full-sized fridge, a real tub and shower, a real toilet, and at about 900 sq feet, we have so much more room!... Continue Reading →

Small Retreat

So this has been home-sweet-home for nearly a year and a half. It was parked in an RV parking space attached to the barn with just enough room to open the door for most of the time. But we’ve been out in the open since May, and we’ve since used the RV space to store... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Kitchen Demo Week

With the help of a few friends today Jesse lag bolted a beam to the original kitchen beam. (Last Mother’s Day I got all the old wood from a local barn that was torn down. The beam for the kitchen came in this pile.) After reinforcing the the old beam by adding another, they could... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Demo Week

So with the baby due date in early October the push to get into the house is more urgent. Jesse has the week off with hopes high to get the kitchen demo and some framing done. He’s already done quite a lot of demo over the past few weekends and evenings. The goals for this... Continue Reading →

Now Expecting

So if you’ve read my posts (and if I’d been posting more often) you may already know that since we started this journey last year (sold our subdivision home and bought a farm house to start the small farm of our dreams) we have encountered so many unexpected hurdles and experienced so many wonderful blessings.... Continue Reading →

Dollar Store Motor home Christmas Decor

My five-year-old took charge of the Christmas decorating this year and found all she need at the dollar store. We are embracing the refreshing sweetness of a simple life right now, and her decor is a perfect example. We hung plastic snowflakes in the front window(although most are currently in the garbage due to a... Continue Reading →

Motorhome Thanksgiving

I have to say that normally my husband is the one most optimistic and creative when it comes to life changes and challenges. But for this Thanksgiving, I may have earned a few more points in the let's-embrace-our-current-life mindset. Jesse was a bit nervous about thanksgiving in a motor home. He had legitimate concerns: the... Continue Reading →

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