An Overdue Update!

…So we are not as far along as we hoped we would be but that is the name of the game when it comes to remodels and renovations and restorations and renewals and revitalizations and all that goes into fixing up property and buildings that have been sadly neglected for years.  I say that in full appreciation because honestly if the place had not been let go so long and need so much work we would not have been able to get it! We are just blessed enough for the opportunity and just crazy enough to take on all the work the opportunity requires. We are finding our skill sets put to the test everyday but we are also finding our endurance and creativity also rise to the challenge in direct relation to the hardships we encounter. For example, the hot water heater on the motor-home has been broken for a few weeks now (its taking a while to get one in.) So a hose connected to the hot water heater in the house and stretched up the driveway makes filling buckets for sponge baths in the small RV tub a simple fix. And sometimes we just take cold showers and are grateful for the summer heat!

Since my last post we have completed piping sewer and water up the driveway for the motor-home. And after Jesse filled in the trenches, I personally got some tracker time to grade the driveway and with cover it with ten yards of rock. We will still need to re-dig a few places for some power repairs to the shop (thankfully we have some electrition friends coming to visit soon) , but we no longer have to park by the street and walk all the way up or jump a trench to get to the cottage!

And we started work in the cottage. Jesse pulled down some ceiling boards and all of the old ceiling insulation that was a home to rats for probably years! He used the shop vac to remove nearly an inch deep of rat poop in the attic. He assumed after being up there a few hours anything live would have spooked, but it wasn’t until he was nearly on top of a rat in the back corner when he saw it and it ran, I hope far far away. He at least wore a suit to cover is clothing and a respirator, but still so gross!

We also almost have the cottage sealed from rats that may want to move back in. Jesse boxed in the eves with flashing and boards with vents and installed a roof vent to replace the one that had probably been there at one time years ago. We still need to fill a few holes and cover the foundation vents with tight-weave screens.

Jesse replaced the attic insulation and put up new ceiling boards where he had removed the old and we painted the majority of the cottage. We still need to paint the new ceiling boards, put one more fresh coat of paint on everything, scrape paint from the windows, re-cement some glass window panes into place, and re-hang one of the widows.

We also cleaned the floor and put a light coat of tan paint on it that we found left-over in the shop. It’s not my favorite color but it was a quick clean up. I may try add a little gray to it for a second coat. The walls and ceiling of the cottage are all white (actually very pale yellow that looks white –Behr “Twinkling Lights”)  with charcoal gray accents on the main door and posts. We also will add crown molding, baseboard, and new light fixtures before the cottage is done enough to move on.

Here is the cottage before paint and clean up. The inhabitants were many spiders and a least one large rat. The ceiling was green and the windows were nearly black with no paint at all. Here the window has a first coat of primer. The door goes into the bathroom and the rotten boards are from the bathroom floor.
The cottage is a 12 foot by 22 foot room. Here it is cleaned and almost painted.
The kitchen area of the cottage is cleaned and almost all painted. I hope to someday use the cottage for out-of-town guests, entertaining friends and neighbors, possibly a school room, and maybe someday a B and B. I can imaging serving hot-chocolate from the cottage to friends and neighbors whose children may come to play in snow in the large yard across from the cottage!

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