via Daily Prompt: Priceless


Okay so aside from the remodel in progress, what’s really happening in our lives? Well, if you personally know me then you know we are currently living in a motor-home parked in a carport attached to the barn. We are embracing the minimalist lifestyle out of necessity and finding that there’s not much you really need. We still wear only half of the clothing we have in the tiny closets and my kids play with only a few of the many toys in the baskets in the large front window.

So our needs are simple: food, basic clothing, some entertainment, and a shower. Even hot water was a challenge when the hot water heater on the RV died. But my quick thinking husband attached one-end of a hose to the hot water pipes in the cottage and attached a sprayer nozzle to the other end. When we needed a shower, we just pulled the hose inside the motor-home shower and showered as usual. So creativity and thinking-out-side-the-box became our greatest assets.

And when we awoke to no water at all because the well pipe had corroded, patience, plumbing skills, the help of a friend, and minds willing to learn saved the day.

And when we had an empty bank account and then got $350 we were happy. And when we awoke the next morning to no water again and found the well pump had died, we took the $350 to Home-depot and spent it on a $350 pump. And we knew God has His own plan for our time and finances.

In fact, nothing out here has worked as we planned. We’ve had many unexpected and un-budgeted-for events requiring immediate attention. Yet somehow we always have the funds for what we need when we need it. And amazing doors have opened that we never expected.

And day by day we get to make our plans, and lists, and budgets; and day after day we get to see God re-direct our time and our finances in ways that set us up for accepting blessings we never expected from someone renting the cottage, to amazing craigslist finds, to getting offered use of a backhoe immediately after my husband and I had a private conversation about needing one.

And our children get a front-row seat to see us learn, create, and accept God’s guidance in our vision and plans.

So, working side-by-side with my husband, with kids in toe, and transforming this property to a beautiful, productive farm is becoming the best experience of my life. I pray that honey-brier will bless God’s people. Right now the ultimate vision is somewhat vague. But based on the Lord’s involvement so far, I know my prays for wisdom, endurance, and vision in making honey-brier farm are being answered in awesome ways, and that is priceless.




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