A Little Witty

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So, I like starting sentences with “so.” I think it rubbed off on me from a good friend, an always positive elderly, young-thinking man who works with youth on environmental projects. If we start sentences this way, especially at the beginning of a conversation or when introducing a new topic, it feels like a continuation of the last conversation (even if that was years ago) and all the awkwardness of starting a new conversation or introducing a new topic is minimized, or at least it feels that way.

So, I’m attempting the daily prompts. I’m an English teacher, so I should challenge my own writing skills, especially with a focus on more personal writing. If I’m going to to have a successful blog, I’ll need to loosen up on the traditional, academic writing that I’m most confident in. Nonetheless, the academic side kicked in when I sat down to write. In fact, my first reaction was to seek a definition of witty, or research the topic in some way. But, I was good; after reading only two dictionary definitions, and spending less than five minutes on additional resources, I forced myself from researched mode.

So, here’s what I have to say. “Witty” is often used in a colloquial sense to describe someone’s sarcastic, quick-thinking, and rather negative reaction to another person’s comment or action. However, the word “clever” is often used as a synonym. And a quick search for “witty quotes” results in many wise statements and realizations about the positive sides to living life outside the box and considering life’s complications and experiences, however negative, to be the key to a successful and fulfilling life.

Wow! In that case, may I proudly introduce my witty family and lifestyle. We are certainly not the perfect postcard picture, nor do we desire to be. But we have been blessed with life experiences that have been emotionally, mentally, and physically hard. Now, we honestly consider living in a motor-home for six months and probably another six to twelve months while we personally and single-handedly remodel a house to be the one of the greatest privileges to be given. I even dodged the rat in the trap in the house laundry-room without a single Facebook complaint. And my husband happily works early mornings and late nights on the house and property, so he can still work a full-time day job. And the kids, adapted quickly to only a percentage of their toys and very small indoor play area. We are all bravely, living our witty little lives in full joy.

Years, from now, this time will be a precious memory, and by then, we will be living in a beautiful old farm house, with a cow or two in the pasture, and chickens in the freezer, and fresh eggs to collect in the mornings, and a large vegetable garden, and a plenty of room for BBQ’s, and weddings, and a bed and breakfast.

So then, when dreams are realities, I’m hanging a witty little sign over the well in the mudroom that says, “It is well with my soul.” And if someone asks, “How did you do all that without screaming?” I’ll say, we were a little witty.


2 thoughts on “A Little Witty

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    1. Ha ha 😊

      I want frozen chickens after about 8 weeks of raising Cornish-Cross.

      And I want a separate set of laying hens to keep year around in the awesome chicken coop already on the property, but needing TLC.

      Thanks for the question. Perhaps my wording was ackward.

      Happy blogging and happy blog reading.


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