Motorhome Thanksgiving

I have to say that normally my husband is the one most optimistic and creative when it comes to life changes and challenges. But for this Thanksgiving, I may have earned a few more points in the let’s-embrace-our-current-life mindset. Jesse was a bit nervous about thanksgiving in a motor home. He had legitimate concerns: the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the space. Mostly the turkey caused the most worry. Even with buying a small bird, how will we fit a turkey in a motor home oven? Should we clean the house oven to use?

Personally, I enjoy sipping coffee, nibbling fruitcake, and browsing sales adds while the smell of cooking turkey fills air, wetting out appetites for thanksgiving dinner and all the winter holiday yummies that we regret come January.

And so came the discussion of the roasting pan. I love the roasting pan. Essentially its a portable oven with a thermostat and all. I even baked bread in it one time. I just began assuming in October that we would cook the Turkey in the roasting pan in the motor home, perhaps even tossing in onions, baby potatoes, and carrots and simplifying the whole meal even more. But Jesse was less experienced with using the roasting pan and was looking forward to mouthwatering turkey.

I convinced him to just trust me and give it a try. He did, though still a bit concerned. A few hours later he posted photos of his beautifully cooked turkey on Facebook with a statement that he was convinced he should trust his wife more often.


As for the rest of the Thanksgiving, we kept the meal, table arrangements, and day plans sweet and simple. The girls made simple paper napkin rings by cutting images from card stock. And we used paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups. Of course, once the table was set I was able to keep the kids away for only a minute while I snapped a photo. Then the kids played with the pilgrim boy and girl napkin rings. Word to the wise, any perfect Facebook or Pinterest photo only last a few moments or the homes are are staged and do not have the joy and noise of creative children.

Opening the sparking juice was a change as we realized we didn’t have a bottle opener, but a screwdriver did the trick!

The refrigerator was tight but manageable and the fruitcake was stored with the diapers.

The girls considered this Thanksgiving to be the best yet. We may make a motor home thanksgiving the new tradition!


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