Now Expecting

So if you’ve read my posts (and if I’d been posting more often) you may already know that since we started this journey last year (sold our subdivision home and bought a farm house to start the small farm of our dreams) we have encountered so many unexpected hurdles and experienced so many wonderful blessings. The people that have come into our lives have been amazing.

Since the Lord has been in the business of introducing new people into our lives, He’s chosen to also add a member to the family. A week ago I considered a pregnancy test a viable alternative to blaming all stomach twinges on a potentional flu.
It was positive…twice. Not at all what I expected to add to this experiencece. But once the shock and overwhelme passed, I was left with nausea, fatigue, and excitement!

This place is a great place to raise kids. And someday we will be out of the motorhome. In the last few weeks we nearly completed demo in the kitchen, chose cabinets, replaced the water heater in the RV for the third time, set up my inflatable hot-tub (Christmas present), cut down trees around the pool, and sold some
items on Craigslist. With a starving, nauseated pregnant wife with major Phad Thai cravings and an empty bank account, what’s a husband to do? And we had things to get rid of anyway.

We also started to clear out stuff we had stored in the chicken coop so we can prepare for chickens. We have 12 babies coming in April. We should be collecting eggs by the time the baby comes, if not a little sooner.

Last year we planned to be in a portion of the house by fall. We again have that planned for this year. And if too many unexpected events come our way again and we are not moving in by then…stay tuned for my plans on introducing Jr. to RV living.


This is the chicken house that was already on the property. We are looking forward to fresh eggs.

Here is the kitchen so far.

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