Kitchen Demo Week

So with the baby due date in early October the push to get into the house is more urgent. Jesse has the week off with hopes high to get the kitchen demo and some framing done. He’s already done quite a lot of demo over the past few weekends and evenings.

The goals for this week are as follows:

Remove remaining kitchen floor

Remove the post from center of the kitchen by first “beefing” up the ceiling beam

Dig a crawl space

Replace seal plates

Reposition girder that holds the weight of sencond floor to correct placement

Remove walls and reframe for new placement of doors to hall and mudroom

Hide the other kitchen post that holds the beam in the wall

Rebuild kitchen floor

Eat plenty of burritos and ham sandwiches

Drink lots of coffee

Yesterday Jesse removed the rest of the kitchen floor and dug out most of the crawl space.

This is the pictures of the kitchen from the real estate listing when we brought the place. Cute, but needs a crawl space and stuctural repairs. We hope to make the place capable to stand another hundred years.

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