Day 2: Kitchen Demo Week

With the help of a few friends today Jesse lag bolted a beam to the original kitchen beam. (Last Mother’s Day I got all the old wood from a local barn that was torn down. The beam for the kitchen came in this pile.)

After reinforcing the the old beam by adding another, they could then remove the post from the middle of the kitchen and reposition the second post inside the wall.

The x’s shows the week’s goals accomplished so far:

X Remove remaining kitchen floor

X Remove the post from center of the
kitchen by first “beefing” up the
ceiling beam

Dig a crawl space (almost done)

Replace seal plates

Reposition girder that holds the
weight of sencond floor to correct

Remove walls and reframe for new
placement of doors to hall and

X Hide the other kitchen post that
holds the beam in the wall

Rebuild kitchen floor

X Eat plenty of burritos and ham

X Drink lots of coffee

The brown beam was lag bolted to the original white beam. Later both will be wrapped with barn wood to look like one large beam. And that white post in the middle was removed.


Here you can see the post in the middle that was removed and the post at the wall being placed into the wall.

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