Small Retreat

So this has been home-sweet-home for nearly a year and a half. It was parked in an RV parking space attached to the barn with just enough room to open the door for most of the time. But we’ve been out in the open since May, and we’ve since used the RV space to store all of our stuff.

With school soon to start, a baby due in early October, and fall weather fast approaching, we really are desperate to have different living conditions.

We have temporarily stopped work on the house after realizing the structural work that needs to be done as well as the extent that rats had been in the house. We plan to remove and replace all ceilings to remove the rodent residue. All of this, combined with our personal remodel tastes, will take time to complete.

We have shifted our attention to creating some living spaces in the shop since it’s solid and well insulated. I nearly have a school room set up and we are looking forward to beginning school soon.

However, for now my laundry facilities are still in the house. But to make laundry more fun and more feasible for a pregnant women, my husband bought a used golf cart.
It’s perfect for taking trash to the cans, doing laundry, and hauling tools to project sites. And for a few more weeks anyway there are ripe plumbs on the tree half-way down the driveway providing extra enticement to change out laundry.

Finally, the triple-digit temperatures are replaced by cooler evenings and mornings and more reasonable temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s in the afternoons.

In addition, I’ve been catching glimpses of blue skies! Since
June, wildfires have filled the valley with thick smoke. We do the best we can to stay out of it, but life is so different right now. I almost laugh if someone asks me how I’m handling the smoke being pregnant and all. Well, it’s challenging to get a deep breath and the baby is squishing my guts and making me nasusated and the smoke and heat only complicate it more, but like any good mother, laundry must be done, the chickens need fresh water, and the kids simply can’t survive cooped up in a 32 ft RV all summer long.

I’m greatful we have the RV, but it really is a small retreat from the outdoors. In an RV you are intimately aware of everything outside: all changes in temperature, every rain drop, every change in air quality, every raccoon seeking a missed piece of dropped dog food, every coyote yip, and every barn owl shriek.

A year and a half ago, I would have been in my house going about my business barely noticing slight changes in weather or air quality. But life is very different now, and I really don’t expect anything to change, even when the house is completed. We will still have chickens, and hopefully a large garden, a cow, a pig, a mulch pile, a green house, and all the other farm projects and repairs that will require us to go outside and the load tools into the tractor or golf cart and get to work.

Sometimes I miss the ease of living in a subdivision without the challenges of laundry facilities down the driveway, full black water tanks, a deciding wether to cook inside or outside on hot days, or figuring out what to eat when out of propane. But life feels so much more full with the opportunities around me: room for farm animals, a garden, weddings, big BBQs and pool parties, sweat equity, a remolded house how I want it, and all the amazing people that have come into our lives since we’ve begun this journey.

I’ll admit, we are probably a little crazy and certainly unconventional, and it can be a little lonely as it’s hard for people to relate to us and sometimes hard to relate to the complaints of others with the
challenges we face head-on everyday. And I’m most definitely being pushed from my personal comfort zone. My goodness, this ultra-organized, plan making, budget keeping mama is 6 weeks from delivery due date and everything other than what we need on a daily basis is packed in boxes and stacked in an RV storage space covered in dust and ashes.

But everyday, the Lord provides exactly what we need for the day, wether rest, finances, vision, motivation, someone wanting to lend a hand with a project, a simply a beautiful cool morning or a glimps of blue skies. So until the Lord allows the hardships to totally crush us, the adventure continues.


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