We are going to build a wall, a big, beautiful wall.

The walls are going up! Being due in 5 weeks, we feel time closing in on us, but walls are going up and flooring is going down in the apartment we are building in the shop. Seeing the progress is very encouraging!

So far we have a kitchen stove, furnace, flooring, cabinets, a microwave hood range, a kitchen sink, and a bathroom vanity with sink from Craigslist. We love Craigslist as much as Homedepot, Lowe’s, and Habitat for Humanity Reatore, especially if we need to limit the budget. Many times people collect building or remodeling supplies and then their plans change and they need get rid of good items. Or people remodel and get rid of items that are used but are still in great condition. The key to getting good Craigslist’s deals is know exactly what you need, know what the price and quality is to buy new so you can recognize a good deal, search Craigslist a few times everyday, and when you find what you want, buy it immediately. There most certainly is risk involved, but if you know exactly what you need and you have already looked at new options then you can know if it’s worth the risk or not.


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