Apartment Update

We moved out of the motorhome in October, a few weeks after the baby was born. The apartment in the shop still needs some trim work completed, but we have a dishwasher, garbage disposal, full-sized fridge, a real tub and shower, a real toilet, and at about 900 sq feet, we have so much more room!

And, of course, in the Olhiser style, nearly everything in the apartment is used. All the cabinets,  flooring (expect bathroom floor), faucets, bathroom light above the sink, stove, sinks, medicine cabinet, microwave/range hood, couch, and kids bunk-beds, furnace, and water heater, and the chairs and TV upstairs  are all super great deals from Craigslist. The other furniture, refrigerator, washer, and dryer we already had. The dishwasher and garbage disposal are from the house we are remodeling. The toilet, tub/shower, bathroom flooring, plumbing, paint, kitchen light, and kitchen countertops are pretty much the only new items purchased.  But I need to put pictures in the living area so it’s not so bare and boring. 😂



This is the shop before and during construction. See how big I was while pregnant! This was about a month before he was born.

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