Vision Revised


I fully believe God gives us visions, sometimes in the from of dreams, goals, desires, or through finding what we need for survival.

For the last several months, I’ve set the blog aside while so much changed in our lives…and the vision for the farm changed with it. Sometimes the path God sets us on is really a route to a different path. The goal for the farm was originally very traditional: a few cows, pigs, egg chickens, meat chickens, veggie garden, bees, fruit and berries, etc.

I spent months immersed in books and YouTube videos with the purpose of designing a good plan for a small acreage farm…but things change. I guess I should have known something was coming that would alter the traditional plan when I couldn’t find cowgirl boots to fit! I had a great pair of lace-up cow-girl style boots that I wore all the time when I was a teenager, and I desperately wanted a new pair. But when original plans don’t fall into place, the best plan is to wait a see what visions and needs come next.

Well, an unexpected pregnancy brought tons of changes. I seriously thought I was in early menopause. There’s not much action in a small RV with two small kids…especially when we are working late hours to get things done out here. So who would expect a pregnancy? But they say it only take one time….let that be a lesson for you youngsters!

I’m ashamed to say that my first reaction to the positive test result was, “Oh, crap!” Is anyone forgetting that I lived in a 32 foot RV with a husband, a dog, and two kids! And no, there were no pop-outs. Hot water was limited, summers were hot, and winters were cold. And I don’t do pregnancy well. I’m always on two anti-nausea meds and still barely keeping down anything. I spent winter on the couch, under a blanket. And my kids spent winter in front of the TV.

Every morning I made the beds, made breakfast, dressed kids, did laundry at the house, vacuumed the dog hair and crashed until it was time for snack, lunch, changing laundry, changing diapers, washing dishes, etc. But I survived, and sometimes in life it’s about survival and the bigger picture. And man was I HUGE by spring. I had to sponge bath and wash my hair in the sink; I could barely fit in the shower. Let’s just say I rarely shaved…maybe never. But not shaving and wearing Teva sandals 24/7 means I’ve earned the right to live half-way between Ashland and Grants Pass, right?

At least, in the spring nausea settled enough to get outside more and the fresh air was a life giving! I tore up the chicken pen to redo it for new chicks, cleared piles of wood, and drove the tractor whenever my husband wasn’t.

We also turned all of our energy and finances to building an apartment in the shop to get out of the RV as quickly and possible. We paused on the house until we had more time to do foundation work.

In October, baby 3, a son, was born, and that’s when the real changes started. I foolishly accepted an epidural. My other two children were delivered completely naturally. But I was tired, so I didn’t trust my body. With the epidural came a catheter, and a nasty infection. After having two doses of penicillin in the hospital for group B step and four rounds of antibiotics for infection, I had a total of six rounds of antibiotics in only seven weeks. My body was decimated, but the infection was not gone.

I learned more about drug resistant bacteria that I ever thought I would, and I came to my senses enough to return to my naturopath. He was very patient with me, as I would never have been in that predicament if I had stuck with the health plan he had given me about 8 years ago. But he gave me a plan that nursed me back to life. I’m still healing my immune system, and I’ve learned tons. I’ve kicked my myself for ever ignoring what I knew years ago, but I am so grateful for another opportunity. This time, I’m digging in. I can’t go back. I’ve learned too much. And I’m getting glimpses more and more of what real health is.

We are allergic to eggs. I actually realized how dumb I sounded trying to justify organic eggs to a naturopath who is staring at bloodwork that says “highly allergic.” And Jesse is too, so the kids are too.

We won’t have cows, pigs, or meat chickens as we are now vegetarian to eliminate as many inflammatory toxins as possibles

We are allergic to dairy.

We are highly sensitive to gluten.

And since we are aiming for the highest nutrition possible we are mostly raw.

The new vision for the farm is tons of fruits, veggies, berries, herbs, mushrooms, greens, and a place to welcome and educated friends and family.

So…you will be seeing more and more posts related to raw food and alternative healing.

Life takes amazing turns, especially when you walk in the truths the Lord reveals during life changes. When your original vision isn’t working, look for another path that offers more truth, more healing, and/or more ways to help others.

So many people in this world and physically sick, emotionally broken, and spiritually lost. We hope our farm can provide for our needs, and someday for others as well!

Oh…and even though my first reaction to the positive pregnancy test was fear and concern, I’m head-over-heals in love with my little man!!

Stay connected!



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