My First Introductions to Raw

Before I had kids, I taught middle school. And I always had allergies, sinus infections, and gut problems. I had bronchitis a few times. I caught every cold or flu that went around. And I was often on heavy antibiotics. Then, I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and symptoms of endometriosis (based on gynecologist evaluation.) But I didn’t want any surgeries, and I didn’t want antibiotics anymore.

I did a little research and a lot of praying, and I found a local naturopath that I now love. With a compete blood panel and hormone test, he could see that I had extremely low blood sugar, PSOS, extreme adrenal fatigue, and that I desperately needed to detox my liver. I was highly allergic to eggs and dairy and highly sensitive to gluten and many scents and chemicals in household and personal products. He also advised a low inflammatory and low sugar diet with as much raw food as possible. As soon as I got home, I read every label of everything in my home and I filled several trash bags with food, cleaners, and personal products.

I immediately cut coffee, all meat except some chicken and fish, all juice, all gluten, all dairy, all sugar (except occasion fresh fruits), and all processed foods. We bought a Vitamix with a check my husband got from having to bump to another airline flight, and I got a slightly damaged Excalibur food dehydrator at a discount for Christmas. And then the research really began.

The Boutenko family offered my first understanding of raw food. They live in a town not too far from me, so when I had an opportunity to attend a local seminar, I went. Victoria Boutenko (with her Russian accent) explained how devastated she was when her whole family was diagnosed with long-term health issues, including asthma and child-hood diabetes. After research and meeting people to help her, she healed her family with a raw food diet. She is also the originator of the green smoothie.

The Boutenko family has written many books between them. I recommend starting with Green for Life as it’s about greens and how a green smoothie a day can benefit everyone in all lifestyles. You can also find Sergei discuss green smoothies on YouTube.

After making all these life changes, I felt better almost overnight. After a few months, my energy skyrocketed. My skin cleared up. I lost excess fat. And barely had any allergies. I felt amazing. And I maintained a nearly raw lifestyle for about a year and a half.

But just a little coffee in the last part of my first pregnancy was a slippery slope. And then some things happened in my life that create extreme emotional trauma. And the seams fell apart.

A few months ago I realized how far I had reverted from what had offer me so much health before. But now I’m back, and this is for good. And I want to be a resource for others trying to figure out how to make life healthy with lifestyle changes.

Please stick around. You may find health for yourself or a loved one. Or something from your comments may be lifesaving for another!

Please comment if you have an experience with regaining health from diet and lifestyle changes.

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