What Is My Husband Doing Now?

My husband doesn’t make car payments , which is awesome! But his fearless ingenuity used to cause me to raise my eyebrows, now I roll with it…literally because I drive the cars he provides for me.


Here’s what he brought home this morning. He got it for $300 as a parts van off Craigslist in a town an hour-and-a-half away from us. It stinks, it’s filthy, it’s missing the passenger side door, and the yellow jackets and their nest is still attached to where the passenger side door should be, despite driving 65mph on the freeway.

So why did my husband buy this van? He bought it because, my van needs some TLC. Both fenders and the hood needs to be replaced, and a back window broke early this summer (probably a rock from when I mowed the grass…yikes!) and we are replacing missing lightbulbs.

So if we were to get a replacement window used from a junkyard it would be $100. The fenders and hood would be $500 new. And the lightbulbs are about $10 each. We are already saving a little over $300 just from using parts from the old van my husband drug home. And after we get all we need off the van, we will resell it to someone else who needs parts, probably for $500, making us a profit of $200.

We bought my van from Craigslist for $1800, but it wouldn’t drive over 25mph. I prayed for man who could fix things, and I got one! He knew it was the catalytic converter. He replaced that, and the breaks, and tires. And we spent a weekend scrubbing it down inside and out (it had been used to haul kids and firewood). And now it’s s great family rig…with no car payments!

You may not have skills in fixing cars, but what do you do “outside-the-box” to save some money? Share your great ideas in the comments. Maybe, someone could use your ideas!

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