Have You Met Barney?

No I don’t mean Barney Fife, although I love the Addy Griffith show. This is Barney our Barn Owl. I know…the name is quite original. He lives farther back in top of the barn, but at sundown he sits at the door or flys to the walnut tree and sits there to look for something worth hunting. When we lived in the RV in the RV parking area attached to the barn we would see him fly out nearly every night. He is huge! One day he flew over me at about noon…the only day I saw him outside the barn during the day. He cast a huge shadow over me! And one morning,  not too long after moving here, I found the severed head of a jackrabbit, with no body, tracks, or blood anywhere. I called fish and wildlife and while they didn’t know for sure, they thought it likely was the work of the barn owl. I haven’t seen any severed rabbit heads since then. Perhaps he is politely leaving them someplace else! 


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