The Kids’ Favorite Raw Meal

Oaky, so spring-roll wrappers are not technically raw. But unless someone is  following a 100 percent raw diet, many raw foodist still consume them. A high-raw diet is 50-99 percent raw. Personally, I’m about 95 percent raw.

These wraps can be found in the Asian section of most larger grocery stores. Wet them with warm water and lay flat on a cutting board. Fill with anything you like. We love using nori, sprouts, nut Pâté,  mung bean sprouts, clover sprouts, green onions, bell pepper, radishes, mushrooms,  spinach, and avocado. Wrap like a burrito. The wraps get sticky when wet so they will hold together when you wrap them. Only prepare one wrap at a time of they will stick together. Use a little Bragg Liquid Aminos as a dip. Enjoy!


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