Want To Know Two Secrets?!

Only those who know me best know how non-traditional and nerdy I am. Here’s two things you would not know unless you really know me.

1) I only wear barefoot style minimalist shoes. I started last January. I guess I lost nearly all faith in modern medicine and started to do my own research…on everything! I had some pain in the ball of my foot and I refused to accept that it just comes with age! I bought a pair of Vivo-barefoot tennis shoes in January from Pie shoe store in Portland (the only store in Oregon to sell them.) I LOVED them immediately and I wore them ALL the time. My feet were initially sore from strengthening muscles, but pain went away and NEVER returned!

In the summer I bought a pair of Zero shoes for sandals and a pair of Merril barefoot running shoes. These are the shoes I plan to wear for the next few years…other than a pair of flat rain boots. I can’t even stand to wear anything that’s not zero-drop (has no heel at all). All shoes other than zero-drop has at least a 1/2 inch heel. While wearing these you have to compensate by adjusting how you stand so you don’t fall on your nose. There’s so much research on this, but the bottom line is shoes with any lift in the heel are bad for our feet, back, and overall body.

2) I have rather strong myopia. My strongest prescription is above a -6 and includes a strong astigmatism…possibly because I’m always reading. But that’s not what’s interesting. I’m reversing my myopia! I’ll happily share the things I’m doing and likely I’ll put more information on the blog as I’m experiment with a variety of methods. I’m not completely consisted with any method now, other than following Jake Steiner on endmyopia.com. Other methods shown to improve vision that I’m trying are eye exercises, relaxation techniques, outdoor time and natural light, tons of good nutrition, sunning, and using frankincense with a carrier oil on eyelids.

What I’m mostly doing is reducing my prescription a little at a time, never reading with glasses, limiting screen time, always reading at the edge of blur, challenging myself to get as much natural light and outdoor time as possible, and looking far into the distance. Working on my vision, makes me very aware of my kids eyes, and what they need to keep their eyesight good. If you see them ask them to tell you what’s good for their eyes! We need to teach kids this stuff, because most of the world wants to ignore all alternative methods. Watch for additional posts of this topic. I’ve been doing this for about 2 1/2 years, and I’m improving, despite what eye doctors all say!! It’s exciting!!

I highly encourage you to look at endmyopia.com if you are curious about reversing your myopia!

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