Good News

The ceiling is now removed from the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, along with several dead rats and tons of rat feces. One dead rat fell on my husband’s head as he pulled down the ceiling. Let’s just say he’s very glad that the job of removing the ceiling is done!

The great news is that without the ceiling we could see the structure of the house much better. The girder and wall below the second floor is not supporting anything other than the furnace. We believed that it helped support the second floor. We will still be rebuilding the entire floor (all joists and girders). And we will be rebuilding nearly all the walls as some 2×4 are cut and supported by blocks.

This wall between the kitchen and dining room will be completely removed. The dirt will be dug out for crawl space and new joists will be built. The room in this picture used to be a bedroom, but it will become the new kitchen.

I couldn’t zoom out enough to show the whole roof without the ceiling, but this picture gives an idea. The furnace and ducting will be removed. The furnace will be moved to the basement or to the second floor. We will be doing research and talking to an HVAC specialist before we finalize house plans and start rebuilding. Also all the old electrical wiring will be removed and replaced with new wiring. When we replace the ceilings we will keep them close to the roofline for a vaulted ceiling that will open up the space and make maximize natural light in the house. We will also paint the walls and ceilings white to reflect as much light as possible. The old kitchen (now the new dining room) was on the north side of the house without much natural light (despite east facing window and french doors). But just opening up the wall to let in light from the south side of the house makes a huge difference in the natural light now in the whole space. We are really getting excited to see how much light there will be in the space once we install windows and paint!

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