Good News

The ceiling is now removed from the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, along with several dead rats and tons of rat feces. One dead rat fell on my husband's head as he pulled down the ceiling. Let's just say he's very glad that the job of removing the ceiling is done! The great news is... Continue Reading →

Rats Were Everywhere!

Jesse is taking off this week and part of next week to work on the house. It's been slow so far because we've only had a few days here and there to dedicate to the house. We've spent most of our time the last few years on clearing the property of overgrown blackberries, ivy, and... Continue Reading →

Raw Pea Soup

My kids love this soup! And did you know there's 8 grams of protein in a cup of peas! It's nutritious and super easy. For myself and my two girls for lunch, I use 4 cups of frozen peas, a large spoon (or two) of chickpea miso paste, and just enough water to blend smooth.... Continue Reading →

Want To Know Two Secrets?!

Only those who know me best know how non-traditional and nerdy I am. Here's two things you would not know unless you really know me. 1) I only wear barefoot style minimalist shoes. I started last January. I guess I lost nearly all faith in modern medicine and started to do my own research...on everything!... Continue Reading →

Wash Your Hands, But With What?

Most of us know to avoid parabens, fragrances, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, and propylene glycol in our personal products, but has anyone heard of triclosan? Triclosan was patented in 1964 and by the 1970s was widely used as an anti- microbial in soap. In fact, dial soap used triclosan and marketed their products as a way... Continue Reading →

No caffeine Pumpkin Cinnamon Goodness

Okay, so occasionally I miss going through the Dutch Bros. drive through. For those of you reading this who do not live in Oregon and are not familiar with Dutch Bros., it's one of the many drive-through coffee shops on street corners throughout Oregon that fuels Oregonians's rampant coffee addiction. Really what I sometimes miss... Continue Reading →

Changing With The Season

So I went off the radar for a bit, but I'm not gone. With school starting also comes dance, music lessons, and Bible studies. As I'm planning the best ways to manage it all, I'm deciding to add some cooked food back into the diet to simplify a little. So I'm adding lightly steamed veggies... Continue Reading →

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