A Little Witty

<a href="http://Witty">Daily Prompt: Witty So, I like starting sentences with "so." I think it rubbed off on me from a good friend, an always positive elderly, young-thinking man who works with youth on environmental projects. If we start sentences this way, especially at the beginning of a conversation or when introducing a new topic, it... Continue Reading →


Call it coincidence or name it calling, but I am feeling nudged toward a bit more transparency in my blogging. First of all, my life is in an unusual state right now...living in a motorhome. And I’m attempting to blog about our life and experiences fixing up a 100-year-old farm house while living in an... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Priceless Okay so aside from the remodel in progress, what's really happening in our lives? Well, if you personally know me then you know we are currently living in a motor-home parked in a carport attached to the barn. We are embracing the minimalist lifestyle out of necessity and finding that there's... Continue Reading →

Cottage Bathroom

  The cottage bathroom is nearly done! The floor of the bathroom steps down from the cottage by about 18 inches. This is after Jesse raised the floor 6 inches. It was below grade and the bathroom had flooded per previous owner due to flood irrigating the property after the irrigation pump failed. Since we... Continue Reading →

An Overdue Update!

...So we are not as far along as we hoped we would be but that is the name of the game when it comes to remodels and renovations and restorations and renewals and revitalizations and all that goes into fixing up property and buildings that have been sadly neglected for years.  I say that in... Continue Reading →

We Got the Farm!

We got the farm! On April 28, the old house, the 3.35 acres, and all the brier patches became ours. Now the work begins. Here's an update. The dog: We promised our 4 year old daughter a dog if we ever moved to property. So, as of April 25, the newest member of our family... Continue Reading →

The Begining…

We knew someday we would homestead, or at least we had hoped for it. In fact, a few years ago I presented my husband with my real-estate wish list (a few acres, trees, fall colors, squirrels–something with breathing room and elbow space–and room for animals was a huge plus. Over the years we often chose real estate […]

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